Weekly Gratitude #56 – click: plans being made

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Did you hear that click?

That’s the sound of things falling into place. It’s the sound of 2013 really getting started.

Plans being made.

This week, we made big plans for the future. For the near and the distant. Plans with friends and family. Plans for careers and work. Plans that excite and scare and some that terrify me.

Plans are good.

I’m always amazed by the little charge of energy I get when I see a plan on paper. Nicely organized lines and rows mean anything is possible. This is possible. Or when I email with a friend or talk with my family and we make definite plans to see one another. Plans of weekends and weeks spent with the ones you loves, those are the most exciting plans of all.

Even my children made plans this week. Short lists of goals for the year. For the baby – walking and talking and eating real food (ideas supplied by big sister). And for big sister herself – swim lessons and getting dressed by herself and listening to mommy and daddy (ideas supplied by mama). We wrote them out on construction paper, adorned them with the obligatory stickers, and pinned them right below our calendar. Baby boy is progressing slowly on his but big sister? She proudly tried a new food last night (kidney beans) and noted for me when she caught herself listening to mommy and daddy.

Oh yes, plans are good.


This week, I am thankful for…

… plans!

… vanilla spice lattes (because something had to get me over the absence of caramel brulee lattes).

… my husband – ever supportive and encouraging.

… new friends that live surprisingly close by!

… the anticipation of seeing all of my favorite family members this weekend.

… extra time with my baby boy.

… unseasonably warm weather.

… late afternoon trips to the park.

… finally getting the swing of evenings with two small children.

… library books about peanut allergies.

… peaceful, quiet mornings spent next to a sleeping baby.

What are you thankful for this week?


This week’s photo-365s:


Happy weekend, all. Go make some plans. It will feel good, I promise.

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