Weekly Gratitude #53 – these holidays


“Mommy! It’s the weekend every day!”

We were cuddled in bed, as we do on weekend mornings, sipping coffee and talking about getting up to head downstairs for morning cartoons and ‘weekend cereal’ (aka Honey Bunches of Oats).

“It will be the weekend every day for a little while now!” we responded.

Back when we decided to stay in town for a small, quiet Christmas of just the four of us, I wasn’t so sure. I predicted that I’d feel so sad. I’d miss my family and the hustle and bustle that comes with packing up the car and driving the three hours north to my parents’ house. I was sure I’d miss the activity and the busyness. I was sure it wouldn’t feel like Christmas with just us.

And I was wrong.

children and christmas tree

The Christmas excitement has been building here day-by-day. We’ve been wrapping and baking and ornament-making. We’ve had holiday music wafting through the house all week. We turn our Christmas tree lights on in the morning and they stay that way until we go to bed. We’ve hosted friends and visited neighbors.

It is so very festive up in here.

And after a year that saw us moving and changing and busier than seems fair for one year, I love that we are slowing down and calmly ending the year together. After a month of so much sadness in the world, I feel so blessed to spend these days holding close the ones I love.

Over these final pre-Christmas days I see us taking our time, slowly finishing up final preparations, and creating some real, fun, holiday magic for our little ones. It is oh so perfect.

This week, I am simply thankful that I get to spend my days with these three amazing people, making memories and magic.

Happy Holidays to you and yours. Hug your loves. Make some memories. Don’t forget the magic.


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