Weekly gratitude #51 – back to reality


This week brought me back to reality.

Family is gone. Celebrations are over. Little man is 5 weeks old so we are right on the brink of that magical 6-week mark when everything is supposed to be settled down. Next week they will declare me officially over the postpartum period and I’ll be halfway through my maternity leave.

As much as I crave routine and normalcy and quiet… these realities made this week rather tough.

The first month of my son’s life was like a rolling celebration. My Mom came to stay for weeks, M took frequent days off, and it all culminated in last week’s Thanksgiving celebrations. It is just how the birth of a new little one should be – full of friends and family, laughter and excitement. A full house should always greet a new life.

And I know the settling down is good. I know that I need this quiet time to plan and prepare for the weeks and months ahead. I know that in the presence of so many people I don’t take time to pause and think and reflect and, eventually, that catches up with me. I know this transition from celebration back to normal life is good and important and coming at exactly the right time.

But knowing those things doesn’t make this transition period any easier. Or faster. Settling back down must be worked through and it must happen at its own pace.

And so, that is where I am this week. Working through the transition. Feeling the aches and pains that come with the growing we are all doing right now. Trying to take it easy on each other as we all do the best we can. And, as always, trying so hard to pause and enjoy the small moments that we’ll look back on someday as beautiful memories of this unique time.



This week, I am thankful for…

… putting this week behind me. My first full week without my safety nets is behind me.

… milkshakes on a Monday.

… pumpkin spice lattes.

… the feeling of success.

… my girl. Without her and her magical maturity beyond her years, this week would have been so much tougher.

… family. Over the past month, I’ve been reminded of just how precious family is and how important they are in my life.

… the lovely sleepy days that follow a newborn growth spurt.

… rainy days that happen just when I need them.

… inspiration from you. Yes, reading the words of all of you is what keeps me going and helps me remember what I really want for my little ones.

… phone calls with Mom that make her seem not so far away.

… opportunities to introduce my girl to the magic of Christmas.


Welcome, once again, to Raising Humans’ sponsor Origami Owl. We treasure the locket we created for my daughter to commemorate her transition to big sister and now I’m turning here again for holiday shopping.

origami owl lockets

Every year I fret about what to give certain people on my list. I always want to give something special. Something that conveys how blessed I am to have these people in my life. Something that they will treasure and hold close to their hearts.

origami owl lockets

Origami Owl is the perfect place to turn for these special gifts. And I can’t wait to get to work creating lockets for those special people in my life.


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