Weekly Gratitude #50 – Mom


My Mom just left. She’s been with us for the past week and a half.

She’ll be back on Tuesday to stay through Thanksgiving.

Add all that to the three weeks she was here in October, waiting for baby boy to arrive, and… well I’ve just spent more time with my Mom in the past two months than I have in years. Many years. As in, since before I left for college.

And for this time, I am so very grateful.

Though I spent half of this time working and the other half caring for a newborn, we’ve spent the hours in between talking. About everything from how we organize our refrigerators to how we weren’t always this close. And in that, we’ve grown closer.

And right now, I miss her. I miss her sitting here with me, filling the quiet time with chatting and watching my boy wake up to the world. I miss just having her sitting here with me.

No matter how old I am, how our lives change and weave in and out of one another, how many ups and downs we cycle through, I will always find comfort in my mother.

And I strive to follow her lead and create that same feeling in my own children.


Though lovely and quiet and spent relaxing with my Mom, this week had its good and its bad, as any week. And both made me recognize how blessed I am.

This week, I am thankful for…

… my Mom.

… my baby boy. He is healthy. Not every woman gets to have a healthy baby, without complication. Not every woman gets to have two. This week I am so aware of that and so grateful.

giraffe on baby tushie

… flights that get Daddy home in time for bedtime stories.

… neighbors who bring dinner. And ice cream.

… ice cream.

… family and friends who genuinely care and show up in support of our family every time we need them. Their love is precious and I hope we shower them with the same in return.

… a brief warm-up on the east coast that allowed for some much needed park time.

… pumpkin spice lattes. Oh yum.

… routines. I love spontaneity but I love when the every day has a predictable rhythm more.

… candles.

… that we are continuing to settle into our new world here and it feels more comfortable each day.

Happy weekend, all.


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