Dear son

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Dear baby boy,

Almost four weeks. That’s how long since you joined our world.

But already it feels like you’ve been here forever. In a good way. A very good way.

You had quite a busy life in your first couple of weeks but the calm has finally settled in now. Visitors are slowly leaving, big fall celebrations are coming to an end. There are few must-attends on our calendar now.

And so December will be you and me. We’ll take your sister to school in the morning and pick her up in the afternoon. And in between, we’ll cuddle and nap and play and read. And we’ll spend that special, magical mommy-and-boy time together. We’ll create memories in our long afternoons that I’ll look back on fondly when the time comes for me to return to my commute and my desk and my life away from you.

These days you are waking up more and more every minute. You prefer to lay on your back or tummy and won’t sit happily in a bouncy chair for long. I have to tell you, this frustrates me until I see how happy you are stretched out on the floor among us, tiny arms and legs moving and kicking about in that beautiful newborn dance. Your eyes wide, you take it all in from your spot on the floor and I watch you for hours, just laying and moving and waking up to the world.

baby tummy time

You are a tummy-time champ. You don’t like your vitamins. You love to be cuddled but are just as happy on your own. You stir often while you sleep and make so much noise in your dreams.

Between your Daddy, your big sister, and me, you have clocked more kisses than some see in a lifetime. We just can’t resist pressing our lips to your soft baby skin.

And you are the youngest board game player that I’ve ever met. Each night you have a piece moving around the board while our family plays Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders. We take turns playing for you. We cheer when you win and ‘awww’ when you don’t.

Yes, you are part of this family now. Your sister can’t wait to teach you all of the things we do as a family and, my boy, neither can I.

Love always,



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