All pee



Her little voice flows out of the monitor speakers and simultaneously down the hall. I glanced at the clock. 6:45. A bit early but in the range of ok-to-get-up-now.

“Good morning sweetie! Come on in here!”

(She’s been in her big girl bed for nearly five months now but still doesn’t get up without permission. Both a blessing and a curse.)

After a small pause I hear her voice again.

“But my bed is wet!”


It’s a rare occurrence here but she is just three. It’s still gonna happen.

“It’s ok honey. Come on in here.”

She appears in the doorway to our bedroom and then walks towards our bed. The back of her pajama pants significantly darker than the front.

I help her peel off the wet clothes while M strips the bed. Scooping up the baby, I head to her room in search of dry clothes for the day. I debate to myself – do I have to do laundry again today? Or can I get away with leaving the wet sheets and pajamas in the hamper for a while? These are the thoughts of a tired mama who is all too close with her washer and drier these days.

Two hours later, she is at school and baby boy and I are back home. He has been sleeping peacefully in his car seat but has begun to stir. I slide my hand between his back and the seat to carefully lift him up. The fabric of his pajamas feels suspiciously wet.

I turn him over and… yep, sure enough. Wet. Soaked actually. Straight through to the car seat.

I lay him down on the changing pad and set about changing him. Once again making the trade. Wet clothes for dry ones.

Laundry again today it is.

There are so many beautiful things about life with small children. So many lovely moments. So many perfect family memories.

But some days, it’s just all pee.


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