Weekly Gratitude #49 – going well


For some time now, I’ve been trying to wean myself off of needing approval from others. Of needing external confirmation of things I already know to be true. I’ve been working on relying on myself more and trusting that I know when things are going well. And when they aren’t.

But external confirmation and approval and praise… well they all have their place.

Like when your son is two weeks old and you need the doctor to tell you that yes, the diaper rash and baby acne and spitting up are normal. Or when your daughter is three years old and though she no longer cries on the preschool playground as you walk away, you still need her teacher to tell you that the tears don’t start falling later when you aren’t around to see them.

So we took baby boy to the doctor on Tuesday morning and yes, everything he is doing is normal. And he is gaining weight just like he should be right now. He is healthy and we are happy.

And then we went to school on Tuesday afternoon for a parent teacher conference (when did I become so grown up that I’m going to parent teacher conferences?) and yes, our girl has adjusted. She is happy and confident and independent and her teacher is amazed at how quickly she adjusted. Those days of tears just two short months ago now a foggy memory.

girl holding acorn

Sure we’d been going along tear-free for a while now. And sure our newborn seemed happy and healthy and we had no serious cause for alarm. But sometimes you need someone on the outside to tell you how well things are going in order to really stop and appreciate how well things are going.

And here, right now, things are going really well.


This week, I am thankful for…

… my two healthy, happy, amazing children.

… my Mom for once again coming to our house and helping us with the big and the small tasks of our new daily life.

… good news.

… my husband for looking out for me and taking care of me.

… coffee.

… humidifiers.

… the library and my girl’s love of books.

… nights of only two feedings and how refreshed I feel in the morning when that happens.

… neighbors who offer to bring dinner and set up playdates for our girl. I love our neighborhood.

… the way our new life fits so nicely around our old one.

They say this weekend will be sunny and in the 60s and I can’t wait to get my kids to the park. Hope you get to enjoy some sun on your face and some leaves under your feet this weekend too!

feet and leaves


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