Weekly Gratutide #48 – one year of gratitude


tulips and mums

One year ago this month, I started my Weekly Gratitude practice. And though I started it as a way for me to keep going through NaBloPoMo last year, and although I missed a few weeks here and there, I honestly cannot imagine a week without sitting to consider all of the ways I’ve been blessed.

They say that taking a few moments each day or week to count your blessings and truly be grateful can change your life. Yes. Yes it can.

I spent some time tonight looking over some of my gratitude posts over the past year. At the ends of good weeks and bad weeks I always found something to be thankful for.

One year later, my blessings have more than doubled and I look forward to another year, another 52 lists of gratitude.

tulips and mums

This week, I am thankful for…

… safety – our home, our family, our world all still in tact today while so many are still experiencing such devastation. How grateful I am that we fared so well through Sandy… I’ll never be able to fully express.

… my M. My parenting partner. We balance each other so well on this journey. This week he calmed me when I needed it most and reminded me to parent with compassion and love.

… electricity – and the workers who got ours back for us so quickly after the storm.

… an extra two days for our family of four to settle in and be together. It was rough at times but so good to bond as well.

… coffee. Yummy, yummy coffee tastes so good after such a long time.

… all of our family and friends who checked in on us throughout the storm.

… our neighbors. So many neighbor chats this week as Halloween and a need to escape cabin fever brought us out of our homes.

… watching my girl blossom more and more each day. With confidence, with big sister pride, with happiness and a bounce in her step.

… quiet afternoons with my boy. I’m enjoying this time of getting to know him so much.

… the first moment (of many I’m sure) that found me sitting on our couch with my arms around both my littles. Love that feeling.

… watching my girl read a book to her baby brother. Let the sweet, sibling moments begin.

… candy.

… the beginning of November. October was amazing and special. November will be the month of family and I can’t wait.


This year, it seems gratitude is taking November by storm. I’ve seen so many placing a special focus on gratitude this month, from link-ups to blog hops to daily photo series. And I love it all. So each week I’ll call out a few of the places I’ve found with a special gratitude theme or focus this month. Know of one (or have one yourself)? Send me the details and I’ll include it in next week’s post!


Happy weekend, all. We’ve got big plans – parties and more coming together as our little family. Can’t wait.

tulips and mums


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