Blast from the past: favorite time of day


Hope you’ve been enjoying these  blasts from the past! I’ve been picking some of my very early posts, before I met many of you, so hopefully these are all new you!

I wrote this post over a year ago about one of my favorite times of day. It’s a time that is soon to be doubly sweet.


Favorite time of day

I’m not sure if this because, as moms, our lives are full of so many routinely, lovely moments (good morning kisses, sharing breakfast, goodnight hugs) that we can’t pick just one.  Or if it is because, as moms, our days are full of so many routinely, unlovely moments (morning tantrums over what color shirt to wear, cleaning breakfast off the floor because sharing is extra hard this morning, nighttime tears because we can’t read one more book) that we hold on to those favorite times as if our life depends on it.

Read about one of my favorites!

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