a Sandy Halloween


Normally big storms don’t phase me much. I don’t get caught up in the hype. While M runs about tying down furniture and stocking up on batteries and flashlights and tarps and rope, I make sure our pantry has adequate quantities of flour and sugar and our bookshelves are lined with stickers and functioning markers ready for all sorts of crafty ideas I’ve found on the internet. He makes sure we survive the storm. I make sure we are well entertained while doing so.

prep for hurricaine

But this one? This one has me freaked.

I can’t comment on how much sugar and flour are in our pantry and I have not one crafty internet-inspired idea at the ready.

Maybe it’s that this one really does seem more serious. Maybe it’s the thought of being cooped up, potentially without power, with a newborn and his big sister who, while she loves him very much, is most definitely going through an adjustment period.

But so far so good. I owe a lovely, peaceful morning to a big box of stickers and some scrap paper. She created gorgeous invitations to a party she is planning while I nursed her brother and watched him watching the rain. If we can keep ourselves on this path, I think we’ll do just fine.

girl and stickers


This weekend, we made the most of Saturday’s sunshine and joined the neighborhood Halloween party at the park. It felt good to get out and take a walk. It felt good to get my girl dressed up and celebrate Halloween. It felt good to do something specifically for her. And it felt good to watch her proudly show off her baby brother to every neighbor we met along our way.

daddy and ladybug girl

She may not remember this Halloween party by the time next year rolls around. She certainly won’t remember that 4 days after giving birth to her brother, I got us both dressed and walked to the park – not an insignificant effort. But she will know that this is what we do. We celebrate moments big and small. And she will know that her Mama loves her and her brother both.

halloween arts and crafts

More later this week about birthdays and transitions and adjustments.

But for now, stay safe if you are in the path of the storm. Curl up inside and hug your loves.

girl in window

Happy Monday.

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