Blast from the past: Ups and Downs


While I’m off bonding with new baby boy, I’m bringing back a few of my favorite posts from long ago.

This one I originally posted one year ago today. It originally flowed right from my heart onto the screen in one of those perfect writing moments. You know the one – where your heart speaks and your fingers listen and magic happens. It even got picked up by BlogHer which seriously made me giddy.


Ups and Downs

I hear her voice through the tiny monitor speakers. It’s 7am. Right on schedule. The first words I hear her say every morning: “Hi Mommmeeee and Dadddeeee!” She is happy and excited and so full of cheer. That is how she starts her day. And mine.


I open the door to her room and greet her. “Good morning, my love.” At this point, it could go either way. “I want Daaaaady.” So THAT’s how it’s going to go today. From full of cheer to full of whine.


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