Weekly Gratitude #47 – so many blessings


It’s quiet here right now. Baby is sleeping, my Mom has gone home. My girl is at school and M is working.

In this quiet, I wish that I could write out all of the details of this week. The beauty, the pain. The happiness and sadness. The sheer excitement. All of it truly amazing.

But I’m not there yet. I will be soon. I look forward to documenting it all, getting it all out and saving it here so I can return to it any time I want.

But for now, I am enjoying the quiet. The peace. I’m doing what they say to do and I’m getting some rest.

While I rest, I can’t help but be thankful for so much this week. At the risk of forgetting all kinds of things, this week, I am thankful for…

… my beautiful baby boy. I’m spending hours cuddling him, rubbing my cheek against his sweet, soft, little head and breathing in his sweet, baby smell. Calm, quiet, little baby.

… my husband. Always my source of strength and my advocate. There’s nobody I’d rather go through this journey with than him.

… my girl. Later I’ll write in detail about her first moments with her brother but for now I’ll just remember how she jumped and danced about, unable to contain her excitement, as we walked out of the hospital with him and put him in the car for the first time. She was born to be his big sister.

… my Mom. We honestly could not have made it through without her. Selflessly spending over 2 weeks here with us waiting, waking at 4am with us as we prepared to leave for the hospital, keeping my girl calm and happy and taking such good care of her while we were away. And on top of it all, packing lunches and washing dishes and running errands to the grocery store for us… I’ll be honest, I’m a bit worried about how we’ll manage with her gone! But she’ll be back before we know it and I’ll count the days until then. Thank you, Mom.

… experience. I am certainly not an old pro at this and I know there are moments ahead that will completely throw me for a loop. But, so far, I’m enjoying the small bits of confidence that come with having done this before.

… coffee. And (oddly) lunch meat. And all of those things I gave up (or mostly gave up) since the beginning of this year. I love those first tastes after so, so long.

… hospital juice. Is there anything better than ice cold cranberry juice from a cup?

… all of the sweet words, congratulations, happy thoughts shared by family and friends far and wide. You all have made this week so special for us.

I could go on and on but baby is stirring and I’m ready for more cuddles.

Happy weekend, all. Stay safe, east-coast-friends, as this crazy storm approaches. We’ll be here settling in and hoping to miss the big impact on our first weekend together.

big sister gift

a bit behind on my photo editing this week but this little gift brought big smiles yesterday (not to mention a good 45 minutes of a happy, entertained 3-year old


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