It is time


Dear Bun,

I know you’ve been listening. For weeks you’ve been listening as I told you it was okay to come late. That I am enjoying this time of having you so close and the excitement of it being just nearly time to meet you. I’ve been thriving in this time to slow down and really enjoy these final days of pregnancy.

I know you’ve been listening. And oh, sweet boy, you’ve given me everything I’ve asked for in these past few weeks. Time and rest. Quiet and lots and lots of final kicks and turns and hiccups.

You are a sweet, sweet child.

But now, it is time.

Now it is time for us to celebrate your birthday. For us to snuggle you in our arms. For your sister to cover you with kisses.

Now I am ready to enjoy the first days of your life and every day after that. Now I am ready for the quiet and not so quiet of your new life and to see those kicks and turns and hiccups right before my eyes.

diapers and baby things

We are ready for you. We’re stocked with all of the things you’ll need in all of the places we’ll be. We’re decorated for Halloween and hunkering down for Fall. We’ve stocked a freezer full of food and organized every nook and cranny so that when you cross the threshold into your home for the first time, we can focus on nothing but showing you all the ways that this space can comfort you.

halloween decorations

You are ready, too. I can feel it in the strength of your kicks and the ways you try to stretch within a home growing now too small for you.

Out here we are enjoying the most beautiful Fall weather. Deep blue skies, crisp cool mornings giving way to warm, sunny afternoons. Leaves turning hues of deep reds and golden browns. Smells of pumpkin and cinnamon and fires warming homes filling the air. I never used to love Fall but you and your sister are changing that about me. Fall brought her into my life and soon will bring you. And because of that, this season will now hold a special place in my heart.

Once you arrive we’ll wrap you up in warmth. I’ve got a whole drawer full of soft, warm clothes to keep you cozy. But I don’t intend for you to be laid down long enough for even the slightest draft to chill your skin. Between your father, your sister, your grandmother, and me, you are sure to be within the circles of loving arms for hours on end.

little girl pushing baby doll at the park

Out here you have the best big sister I’ve ever met. She is eager to hug you and love you and show you the world she is just starting to discover. You have the most loving, caring father a boy could ask for. He will take care of your every need, make sure that you sleep warmly at night, and do what it takes to give to you everything this world has to offer.

daddy and little girl on escalator

And me. You will always have me. I’ve provided you this home, that you seem to love so much, for these past 10 months but it won’t stop there. Don’t be scared to leave this place. The home I’ve got for you out here is just as warm and comfortable and safe and loving.

So, my son, it is time. It is time for our eyes to meet and your life to begin.

Love always,



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