The last… for real this time


For the past three weekends now, we’ve approached each one as if it would be our last.

Our last as a little family of three. Our last before this little boy arrives. We’ve woken up on Saturday morning and looked ahead to our last days to prepare and finish all of those last minute things.

Well, this past weekend was truly our last. I have an induction planned for later this week so, one way or another, we’ll be a family of four come next weekend.

The thing is, you can carry the excitement of the ‘last’ for only so long. Eventually, you have to settle yourself back in because the energy it takes to be that excited is too much. And you know? I think that was for the better.

Because this weekend, we didn’t try to overdo it.

We just enjoyed.

green leaves blue sky

this one doesn’t seem to be changing colors just yet… but still stunning

Mornings at the park. Afternoons of more baking (these chocolate chip cookies and this banana bread and yes I am a diehard Smitten Kitchen fan and yes, if this baby doesn’t come soon my entire family will gain 10 pounds with all of the baking I keep doing).cutting desserts

And then yesterday afternoon, I sat down on the floor and played. I enjoyed fake food prepared by my girl with my fine dining partner Elmo.


We built puzzles and threaded string through lacing cards in the shapes of butterflies and hearts. I just hung out with her in the way I’d been wanting to but never seemed to really make happen.

building tower of legos

And as much as I’m feeling ready now and anxious, I’m glad we had yesterday afternoon.


Happy Monday to you all and a very, very happy birthday to one of my closest friends. I’m posting this at 10:30am, friend. There is still time for some birthday sharing to happen. Fingers crossed!


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