the Pumpkin Patch


Sunday. One day past my due date. Clouds overhead.

tree and clouds

I had barely slept the night before. Maybe a few hours, tops.

Definitely not the perfect day.

But off to the pumpkin patch we went.

Originally, we had planned to go last weekend. But downpours on Sunday kept us home bound (and the patch closed).

So when this Sunday found us still awaiting our little man, we took the opportunity and went with it.

What can I say? I heart pumpkins.

girl and pumpkins

And tall husks with a few unharvested ears.


And big baskets of apples and delicious apple cider.

apples in baskets

We’ve gone to Cox Farms for three years now. It’s become a tradition. We have many of the same photos in the same places, showing our girl in the same pose over three years and I love that. I love the tradition. I love that she will be able to look back on this for years and years and know these traditions even before she really understands what they mean. That we celebrate the seasons together as a family every year. That we make this time and we make these memories. That this time and these memories are important.

girl on daddy's shoulders corn maze

Even if yesterday was cloudy and we were all a little tired. Even if all logic and wisdom tell us to say home. Even if she’ll stare up at the big slide but, despite urging, won’t go down, still not feeling quite ready, even from the safety of Daddy’s lap.

girl at bottom of slide

Even if some days and some years are better than others. These traditions and these memories are important. These are what make up her (and soon his) childhood. And when you are creating a childhood, you can’t let a few clouds or a big, swollen belly keep you from giving it your all. The stakes are too high.

So off we go, keeping traditions and making our memories.

Back home for the afternoon, we kept the Fall-memory-making going. With outdoor play in the Fall sunshine that did finally appear, Fall arts and crafts, and lots more Fall baking: more of these muffins because she actually ate last week’s made with broccoli and banana! (This week’s are all Fall with pumpkin, carrots, and sweet potato.) Oh and these cookies. Which you should go buy a can of pumpkin and make because oh my yum.

For my children, Fall will always be pumpkin patches and apple cider and scents of cinnamon and cloves wafting through the house from well-placed candles and lots and lots of baking.

Hope your weekend blessed you with all kinds of cozy, Fall memories.



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