Weekly Gratitude #45 – her favorite things


First things first! I’m honored to be at Shell’s place today! I’ve admired Shell for quite some time now and love reading her mama wisdom on Things I Can’t Say. I’ve frequented her weekly Pour Your Heart Out Wednesdays and looked forward to the day when I might be a guest on her site.

Well that day is today! Join me at her place and read about a scary experience I had with my girl… and how I learned that mama’s will make mistakes. And that is OK.


And now, for a little scene from yesterday’s drive home from school:

“Do you know what tomorrow is?”

“Is it a John Henry day?!?” (John Henry is the reportedly hilarious music teacher at her school)

“It is! Do you know what else tomorrow is?”


“That’s right! And what else?”

“The weekend!”

“Yes! Anything else?”

“Pizza day!”

“Yes! What a day tomorrow will be!”

“John Henry and Friday and pizza and the weekend!”

“That’s right! So many of your favorite things!”

I could feel her smile radiating from the back seat of the car. Oh to be 3 on a sunny Friday in October.

Hope your weekend is filled with your favorite things.


This week, I am thankful for…

… my mom – she took a crash course training in my life this week, ready to step in and hold it all together when I can’t.

… smiles and emails and phone calls and ‘you’re still here!’ and ‘any day now!’ – I’ve never loved attention, especially not this much of it, but it is sort of fun to be the subject of so much excitement.

… helpful IT people who can hook up a working mama at home.

… pumpkin chocolate brownies. Did you make these yet?

… the restorative power of milkshakes after a traumatic blood test experience.

… band-aids.

… slowing down. It’s happening.

… watching my girl sing with her class at her first school assembly.

… my organized pantry – it’s amazing the things that make you really feel ready for baby.

… toy baby bottles. I love when it’s the thing that costs a buck fifty that makes her day and leads to imaginative play for hours.

Happy weekend! The belly/baby watch continues!

welcome home bun


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