Ready when you are


Dear Bun,

You are the main topic of conversation around here these days. Friends and family email me daily, eagerly looking for news of your arrival. Acquaintances that run into me throughout the day smile wide and excitedly, anxious to see your little face next to mine. Even strangers stop me as I move about, in awe of the new little life just waiting to appear.

me and pregnant belly

You may have heard me say, several times and in several places, that it is ok if you come late. Know, my son, that is not because I am not over-the-moon excited to meet you. I am. I have been dreaming about the day when I can cradle you in my arms, gaze into your wide, newborn eyes and run my fingers over your soft baby skin. I’ve been dreaming for months now.

But, you see, I wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted every last thing tied off, every last to-do taken care of, every last corner of our house organized. I wanted to be free of distraction and completely unencumbered on the day of your miraculous birth. I wanted it to be perfect.

welcome home bun

But this morning I realized that it will be perfect. Even if unanswered emails sit in my inbox as I welcome you into this world. Even if your sister’s toys are not organized or our house is not fully stocked. Even if your laundry basket still holds a few unwashed clothes. The moment our eyes meet for the first time will most definitely be perfect.

So, little man, for perhaps the one and only time, I am telling you to not listen to me. Ignore me when I say you can hang out in there a while longer. Come join us when you are ready. Because we are most definitely ready for you.

Love always,



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