Fall-ing in love


Last year, I fell in love.

orange fall leaves

Over the course of a few months, the smells and sights and sounds of Fall intoxicated me. I abandoned my diehard dedication to spring and my love affair with summer for long sleeves and socks, cozy sweaters and warm cups of coffee, the smell of apples baking and the feel of slimy pumpkin sliding through my hands.

Baby picking pumpkins

This year, I want to rekindle the flame. I want to bake pumpkin cupcakes and spend a morning at the pumpkin patch. I want to collect leaves with my girl and find some crafty thing to do with them. I want to bundle up for long, crisp walks. I want to drink apple cider. Lots of it. I want to literally frolic in the woods with knights and maidens at the renaissance festival.

pumpkin cupcake

These are the ways that Fall wooed me last year. And I want to be wooed again.

And so, though our boy could arrive any day now and everything could change in an instant, we are planning our pumpkin patch trip. I’ve got my sights set on picking the perfect pumpkins and our girl has been itching to carve one. Maybe this year we’ll even get on the hayride.

I’m flipping through my recipes to find the ingredients for those pumpkin cupcakes. Before long, our house will smell cozy like pumpkin and spice.

And I’m watching the trees like a hawk, waiting for the first signs of green becoming red and gold.


And when our boy arrives, I will bundle him up for long walks under the vibrant foliage of our neighborhood. I will spread out a blanket in the backyard so that we can spend time in the crisp, cool air while the leaves fall around us. I will show him the beauty of the season that he was born into.

Because this love? It was made to last.


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