One month to go


Dear Bun,

As of two days ago, you are a month from my arms. That is, should you arrive perfectly on time. Which I don’t expect. You arrive when you are ready to greet this world and my arms and I will be here.

Your sister started school this week. It has been rough for her. She is a bit shy and quiet and takes her time to warm up to new situations. I find myself wondering these days if you will be the same. Will you sit back and watch the world, waiting until you feel comfortable to dive right in? Or will you surprise us all with a fearlessness we all wish we could have? Will you see your big sister out there and doing things, the things she has grown comfortable doing, and want to do them too? Or will you catch her cautiousness and follow her slow lead?

I wonder what kind of little person you will be.

You are still quite active in here and your restlessness makes me imagine that you will not sit quietly for long, even when you are out here amongst us. I’m savoring every kick and poke, even the ones that hurt a bit, knowing that this time we’ve been sharing is soon to end. As much as I long to see you and hold you and shower kisses on every inch of your little body, I will miss this time too.

On Monday we get to take a final peek at you in our final ultrasound. Give us a wave, ok? And know that we’ll see you so very soon.




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