Weekly Gratitude #41 – teachers


Last night, the phone rang. It was our girl’s teacher.

I had just written 3 sentences of what was sure to become a long and shaky email to her.

Instead, I closed my laptop and M and I huddled together, eager to pick up every word that flowed from the phone’s speaker.

Words like ‘progress’ and ‘laughing’ and ‘doing well.’ She assured us that our girl’s tears really do dry shortly after I leave. She told us that this kind of transition trouble is completely normal with little ones who are still so little. She recalled moments of looking over to see our baby laughing and playing with the other kids.

She recounted some tough times from the week too. The tough transitions from playground to inside, from lunchtime to naptime. The attachments to one teacher or another and the tears when that teacher left a room. But she also told stories of quick, 4-day progress. Of breakthroughs in what really has been such a short time.

And she proved to us that in that short time, she has come to know our girl. In four short days, she has already begun to unlock the motives behind our girl’s hesitations and the ways to help her along. She told us things we already knew but used words and reasoning that put my own actions into a whole new perspective and gave me new ideas for my parenting toolbox.

Twenty minutes later, we hung up the phone and smiled at each other through sighs of relief. A huge weight lifted.

The tears still flowed at drop off this morning. But today, I shed none. The network of people in my girl’s life is expanding. The circle of people who love her and care about her and pull together to help her succeed is growing. And it’s becoming stronger. And it is such a beautiful thing.


This week, I am thankful for…

… kind, amazing teachers who already know my little girl and are dedicated to helping her (and who go out of their way to calm a nervous mama).

… happy pick-ups that erase some of the pain of the unhappy drop-offs.

… every fellow mom who has sent me words of wisdom and advice this week. You know who you are and your words calmed the fears in my heart.

… beautiful weather – cool, calm air and clear, blue skies provided a peaceful backdrop to our morning challenges and allowed for reuniting on long afternoon walks to the park.

… pound cake.

… milkshakes and chocolate milk and their restorative properties after school.

… our healthy little boy and healthy pregnancy.

… my husband. We come together on rough weeks like this and together, we make it through.

… my girl. She challenges me and helps me grow and I am proud to be her mama, to be the one to help her through these times.

We’ve got few plans this weekend so I plan to use the free hours ahead to enjoy my family and the beautiful, late summer weather. Hope you can do the same!


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