Weekend Quickly


As this weekend rolled into view, it showed all signs of becoming a total flop. I skidded into Friday night with barely enough energy to shove a slice of pizza into my mouth, my girl was over all of the back-to-school excitement and refused to tell us anything about her second day, and in our exhaustion, family conversation was a bit challenging.

Saturday morning didn’t start off much better, with a failed dance class attempt that I’ll talk more about later this week…

But after that? Somehow we turned it around.

And we got out there and enjoyed everything that this crazy weekend had to offer.

There was the hot, summer-like Saturday morning, perfectly ripe for meeting friends at a fountain and watching kids run around in one last swim-suit wearing event.

girl in fountain

There was the stormy, rainy Saturday afternoon, perfect for huddling up in our living room, with snacks, for hours of board games.

There was the picture perfect early Fall Sunday. And we spent the afternoon running around the park. The cooler weather brings out a different side of my girl. She wilts in the summer heat but springs back to life when the air turns a bit cooler.

This morning we face yet another round of our rolling-back-to-school. Back at it after two days off and this time for the first, full day. 7 hours. Even with the success of last week at our back, I feel like the real transition is yet to come. So, I’m off to make sure her lunch box is perfectly labelled and get her up and dressed. Wish us luck!

Hope you had a weekend to take advantage of all of the seasons, too. And good luck with your own back-to-school adventures!


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