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When I first came across Secrets of a Momaholic, I thought it was a fantastic name for a blog. And then I kept reading and I became addicted too. To the way Tara, the genius behind the secrets, writes about motherhood, life with her beautiful family, and all of the tips and tricks that power her everyday. From delicious recipes, to reviews of the fun activities she does with her children, to tips for the everyday like applying sunscreen and buying children’s shoes, Tara’s writing fuels me with great ideas and continues to enable my own momaholic tendencies.

If you have  not yet met Tara, read on about the big milestone taking place in her home right now and then visit her at her place, Secrets of a Momaholic!


girl and motherHi. My name is Tara and I have a confession to make. I…am a momaholic! I have wanted to be a mommy as far back as I can remember. As a girl, people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I would say, “a mommy”. Well, my dreams came true – twice. I am a lucky mom of two amazing, spirited, hilarious, eccentric children. Chloe is dressed in a tutu be 7am, Max in a Spiderman costume two sizes too small that he refuses to give up!

As amazing as parenting can be, it’s equally trying. I started Secrets of a Momaholic to find camaraderie in this life that only other moms can relate to. Being supported by other mothers that understand what you are going through can be therapeutic. I offer tips from how to pack a healthy lunch to scheduling your first mammogram appointment. I also share kiddie recipes and stories of my life as a mom. I hope you enjoy my post today for Raising Humans.


Almost five years ago, I came home from the hospital with my baby girl. She was born the last day of September so it was early October when we came home. It was a beautiful 90 degree day- unusual for New York that time of year. If the day wasn’t perfect enough, the sun shining on my face gave me a feeling of warmth and happiness that I never felt before. I felt like it was our special day and the sun was shining for us, lighting our path home.

After a long labor (I was induced on a Thursday and had her on Sunday!), Chloe was in the NICU because I had a fever when she was born. I walked to a different wing of the hospital every two hours to feed my baby. I gave strict “breast only” orders! I was exhausted, but it was important for only me to feed my baby. So I set my phone alarm and excitedly rushed to hold my baby in my arms again. The woman I shared the room with had her baby in the room and it broke my heart. I wanted to be with my baby too, but couldn’t. Every time that alarm went off, I set off on my small journey to baby bliss. I became very friendly with the nurses and actually felt she was in good hands when I wasn’t there. By the time it was going home day, I felt I had this baby thing down pat. Hey, I was the one changing her and feeding her anyway, right?

girl and mother

Well…wrong! My husband and I walked into our house and had no idea what to do with her! We were questioning, do we feed her? Change her? Where should we put her? It was ridiculous! Hadn’t I just cared for this child for two days on my own? We finally adjusted…slowly! We learned that the swing was a marvelous invention as well as the breast pump and vibrating chair…oh, and the bjorn! All of my lovely shower gifts made their way out of the closet and into our space that we still have yet to reclaim!

Before I knew it, my beautiful infant’s gummy smile turned into toothy smiles, her crawls to strides and her baby jargon to conversations. My toddler then became a pre-schooler. Next week is her first day of Kindergarten. I am so happy and excited for her, but also saddened by the fact that this is it. This is the very beginning of my baby girl’s school career. This is full day school. Chloe, off in the world – without me. I’m having a hard time letting go. I’m the one with the separation anxiety.

The baby girl that I brought home from the hospital, the one who needed me for everything, now has a mind of her own. She hates all the clothes I pick for her and wants to choose everything herself. Everything MUST be pink or it’s not even considered. She wants to brush her teeth herself. She wants to watch the Disney big girl shows- not Disney Junior. She definitely walks to the beat of her own drum…and I’m okay with that. I just don’t want her to grow up as quickly as we got here- to kindergarten.


Today I know more than the mom that brought her baby home five years ago, and am still learning every day. I’ve watched her grow and grew as a person myself along the way. I may not want to let her go, but learned that this is part of the parenting process.  The torment of the night feedings, teething, potty training and tantrums has been exchanged for my daughter becoming independent. Will she stick up for herself if need be, eat her lunch, wipe herself good. Will she like her teacher…her classmates? Will she be happy in school? I want to protect her and take care of her always even at school.

Just like the nurses in the NICU, I will learn to be comfortable with Chloe being in the care of her teachers while she is in school. I will also be setting my phone alarm and excitedly rushing to the school to pick my little girl up…just like when she was first born. I will put on a happy face and hold back my tears until I am clear out of Chloe’s view on Tuesday.  As a mommy to a little girl that will always be my baby, I can only hope that she loves Kindergarten and all her new world has to offer her…and breathe.



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