Things I don’t want to forget


It has been one wacky weekend. Just four days and I could talk for hours about all that happened. All the things I witnessed, all the things I missed, all the things I wish I’d missed, all things in between.

I suppose every weekend should be that way. This, after all, is life.

But hours, I do not have. So a few quick things that I won’t want to forget.


When you arrive home from Friday night pizza and hear music in your living room that is not coming from inside the house, consider this a warning. Do not assume that the kids who live behind you are just having a little loud fun before sunset. Do not optimistically assure yourself and your husband that the noise level will decrease as your toddler’s bedtime approaches. Because their music will get louder. Their music choices will get worse. They will add to their already considerable numbers and each new voice will strive to outdo the others. Do, however, investigate. And when it gets to the point where you can’t take it anymore, call the cops. Because you are the adult now and drunk teenagers are very much like toddlers in that logic has no effect on them.

I hate to be the one to break up a party. But I hate my family loosing sleep more.


On Saturday, I should have been in Mexico.

I know, I know, shouldn’t we all have been in Mexico, sitting ocean side and drinking some lovely, exotic cocktail.

But on Saturday, I should have been there. Watching one of my closest friends in the world walk down the aisle towards the love of her life. I should have been there to tell her how stunning she looked in her dress, to hug her and cry happy tears on her shoulders, and dance with her all night long in celebration. I should have been there on one of the most important days of her life.

When I went to the doctor, what feels like more than just 8 months ago, to confirm that there was, in fact, a little life growing inside me, I mentioned this wedding and this trip. “In September, I have to go to Mexico for a wedding.” I remember saying. The look my doctor shot back broke my heart. To solidify the case her eyes had just made, she counted back from my due date and replied “You’ll be 34 weeks. Let’s not have a preterm baby in Mexico.”

In this small-children season of my life, this is not the first wedding I’ve missed. I’ve been absent from baby showers and wedding showers and birthday parties celebrating all sorts of milestone years from 1 to 60. I love so many things about being a mama to small children and will miss these days when they pass, all too soon. Except for this. While I am enjoying every possible moment with my littles, I am missing big moments with my loved ones.

So, instead, I stalked my friend on Facebook all weekend so that I could immediately ‘like’ every photo, every status, every tidbit of celebration that made its way online. And I wished Facebook had a ‘love’ button or an ‘OMG! So happy for you!’ button.

Friend, I hope your day was everything you dreamed it would be and that those dreams are now precious memories that you can hold forever in your heart. Enjoy your honeymoon and, when you make it back up North, we have oh so much celebrating to do.


While I missed a wedding, I did make it to a milestone birthday.


My little sister turned 25. And that deserved a celebration. A celebration so powerful that even the remnants of hurricane Isaac could not dampen the festive spirit.

Nothing beats watching your parents’ house fill well beyond it’s capacity with people who braved the rain and the humidity, all on a mission to celebrate your sister.

birthday banner

At the end of the night, I found the birthday girl fully dressed but sound asleep in bed. That is the sign of a birthday well celebrated.

Happy unofficial beginning of Fall to you. I’ll be back later this week with more weekend stories and other assured back-to-school things.


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