Weekly gratitude #39 – first day of school style


I wore a uniform to school for the first 8 years of my educational experience. The same plaid, knee-length skirt and white, button down shirt. The same blue knee socks and white and black saddle shoes. The same every year. The same as every other girl in my class. The same as every other girl in my school.

When high school came around, I finally broke free. A new school, new peeps, and, most importantly, new clothes. No uniform! I could not wait for the first day of school. I thought all summer about what I’d wear that day… and I’ve continued the tradition for every first day since. I remember almost every first-day-outfit and the thinking and planning that went into it.

Now, I get to put that same thought into my daughter’s firsts.

School starts in exactly one week. We may not have everything labelled or prepared for that first day. But her first-day-of-school outfit? I bought that weeks ago.

tea collection dress

Such a special occasion as a little girl’s first ever day of school deserves a special something. So I headed to Tea Collection where I immediately fell in love with the Aurora Tank Dress. The colors screamed out to me and the shape is so very little girl. And, it has pockets. I can only imagine the fun I’ll find stuffed in there on laundry day.

Of course, I also bought the matching pink leggings so that, with a sweater over top or long-sleeved shirt underneath, she can wear this one throughout the Fall and Winter. Dresses are my girl’s thing and I know this one will be a long-time favorite.

She tried it on as soon as it arrived and immediately, she was smitten. It’s been hanging in her closet and she asks to wear it every day. But I’m saving it for that special first day. She’ll thank me later.

tea collection dress


School style prep aside, this week was a wild one. I found myself frantically running about quite a lot. But not so frantically that I didn’t stop to be thankful for…

… indoor picnic dinners.

indoor picnic dinner

… my husband, my partner in crime, always there to support me.

… uplifting musical quotes delivered via text message (thanks, Sis).

… paint.

… watching my girl blossom as she creates gifts for others.

… our Miss N. This final week with her has been so bittersweet that we’re not allowing ourselves to think about it too long. I know it won’t hit me until next week that this really is the end.

… readily available spare dishwasher parts. If I had to go another day of washing every dish, I might have had a breakdown.

… sleepovers.

… to-do lists.

… mommy-daughter night out.

… meeting new people.

… the approaching end of summer.

Happy long, holiday weekend to you. Celebrate, commemorate, enjoy these final, lazy days of summer.


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