Weekly Gratitude #38 – a week in photos


No words today. Plenty of things I am thankful for but no words are rising to the surface about our week.

It was tough, then it got better, and I’m hoping to bring it all to a close on a high note with a busy day ending in a pizza night.

Instead, how about our week in photos?

little girl hugging pregnant belly

I don’t have a lot of belly shots from this time around but this? This happens all the time.

little girl mixing in kitchen

‘Daddy? Can I make applesauce?’ ‘Sure!’
‘Make applesauce’ is code for ‘mix together a lot of random things.’
By the end, every spice on the spice rack was represented, along with some milk, soy sauce, vinegar, and who knows what else.


Toddler breakfasts make me smile.


This week, I am thankful for…

… unexpected mornings with my girl. No offense to any of my friends but we had the best shopping/stop for coffee excursion ever on Tuesday morning.

… nighttime talking. We turn off the TV, step away from the laptop, put down the phone, and just talk, about anything at all. I might be addicted to this new routine.

… bubble baths. Thank you, Kristen, for the reminder that this is a fabulous way to unwind.

… sleep. Maybe it was that bath or maybe the stars just finally aligned but this pregnant mama has finally gotten some sleep this week and it has been amazing.

… once again, cooler weather and after-dinner walks make the list. They can show up here every week if they want and that’d be cool with me.

… discovering a new walking path, a new playground, and a beautiful little hideaway, all because we went right instead of left.

… upcoming birthdays and excitement. Her party is still a month away but the decorations are starting to pile up and the RSVPs starting to pile in!

… art projects.

… frozen lemonade.

… one more weekend, completely unplanned.

Happy weekend! Hope your week ends on a high note that lasts all weekend long.


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