Weekly Gratitude #37 – happy


Mommy, are you happy?

It’s one of her favorite questions. Sometimes she asks it when she knows I’m not happy. Like when I’m taking her to the potty for the third time after tuck-in and she still doesn’t actually have to pee.

Sometimes she asks just out of curiosity. A part of normal conversation. A little check in during the day.

“Yes, my love. Are you happy?”


little girl and bubbles

This morning, as I drove to work, I thought about her and the morning we had just had – reading a story in bed, walking outside barefoot to watch Daddy walk to the bus and then walking back across the dew covered grass, enjoying the first break in humidity that we’ve seen in months, eating breakfast together and reading a book…

And I thought to myself, I am happy.

This evening, as I curled up in our big, comfy arm chair, knitting the blanket I’ve been wanting to make for her, I admired her working with M on a puzzle while our little one rested comfortably, so comfortably that I actually felt comfortable too, free of aches and pains and very much at peace.

And I felt happy.

Happiness can feel like a fleeting thing. Here one minute, gone the next. And sure enough, my car ride ended at work where the typical, daily drama took over. And our quiet evening made way for a tantrum or two before sleepy eyes finally closed. And I’ve got a phone full of messages now that weigh on my heart and my mind.

But happiness doesn’t have to fleet. The things that made me happy today are still here. And the memories that made that happiness feel so real are firmly imprinted on my heart.

And that’s happy.

This week, I am thankful for…

… an afternoon of just me and my girl.

… late-day drives that turn a mood around.

… after dinner walks.

… cooler weather.

… bubbles.

… strollers.

… trips to the park to find friends already there.

… morning dew on the grass.

… early morning walks in bare feet.

Happy Friday to you! We’ve got no plans this weekend and I cannot wait to fill these days with more happy.


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