I am a Mom


There was a time when this would have scared me.

I need to make lunch for tomorrow, dinner for tonight, entertain her, bathe her, get her to bed. And do it all on my own?

All on my own. There was a time when the thought of parenting ‘all on my own’ shook me to my core.

It wasn’t that I felt incapable. Or maybe it was. I didn’t like flying without a spotter. Someone else to be there to pick up on the things I missed. Parenting alone, even for just an evening, felt scary. And lonely. And like a lot of work that I wasn’t too sure I was up for at the end of the day.

But tonight?

Tonight was no sweat. No big deal.

Not a ounce of fear within me.

And maybe it was just that kind of day. Maybe the stars aligned. Maybe I’ve just been through tougher things by now. But I had a blast doing it.

Just me and her. Chatting. Making dinner. Blowing bubbles on the porch. Eating together. We even took a walk to the park between finishing our pasta and starting her bath. Not a tear was shed (by either of us) but an amazing number of giggles were shared.

It was, in a word, perfect.

I don’t always feel like a Mom. Somedays, I feel like an impostor. Like one day they will figure out that I snuck in here without the experience and credentials required.

But on days like these, I feel like I am in the right place. I am a Mom. I am meant to be doing this. I can raise these little humans. On days like these, I can do it so well it will knock your socks off.

little girl catching bubbles


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