Ending on a high note


This weekend, we bid adieu to our vacation. And, if I do say so myself, we did this week proud. We didn’t let the impending return to work and normal routine drag us down. We treated these final two days as if vacation would never end.

Starting with our annual trip to the fair.

ferris wheel

I love me some county fairs. The little paper tickets, the rides that look enticingly dangerous, the lemonade and cotton candy and funnel cake. And I don’t even like funnel cake. I just like knowing it’s at that stall over there.

Our girl is still a little timid when it comes to wild rides. We coaxed her on the ferris wheel and she took her normal place on the carousel seat and the train. She swears that next year, she’ll hop aboard the swings. I’ll remember that and try not to hold her to it.


After the fair came lots of time curled up at home, meals around our own dining table, leisurely after dinner walks, and some serious nesting.

I daresay our boy’s room is just about ready for him.

girl and tree decal

Every toy got a work out this weekend. Even the dress up clothes, which have been forgotten for a few weeks. I love when they reappear. I miss this beautiful butterfly-mouse-cat.

dress up clothes

Sitting here now and staring down a very packed Monday schedule, part of me wishes I had read a few more emails and put my brain back into work-gear before now. Intimidating is the number of things that demand my attention this morning while I clutch onto my vacation glow with white knuckles.

But a larger part of me, the part that feels my heart ache at being apart from my loves for the first time in a week, that part knows I did the right thing.

Hope you are settling into the week and ready to make it a good one. I’ll be back later this week with more vacation and weekend stories. Oh did we have a couple for the books.


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