Weekly Gratitude #36 – for the memories


We’re home.

We came back with pockets and blankets full of sand and hearts full of so many memories. And those memories will be well documented here in the coming days and weeks. Because these last days as a family of three? These last days of my girl being an only? Well they need to be recorded before they casually slip out of all of our minds and into the blur that will one day characterize this period of time before our little man joined us. Yes, this time is special and I will want to look back on it often.

mommy and little girl on the beach

But right now? I am just enjoying being home with a few more days before vacation officially ends. We all are.

An apartment on the beach is perfect for relaxing and daydreaming. It is not ideal for nesting. And with just over 9 weeks to go (!!) this mama needs to prepare a nest.

And so we’re settling back in here. I’m almost enjoying the piles of vacation laundry that seemingly have no end, looking forward to buying some new, fresh flowers for around the house, and might even make some progress on the nursery.

Yes, it is good to be home. And it is good to reflect on a week of so many blessings.

This week, I am thankful for…

… family time. Just the three of us, hanging out, distraction free. That’s why this vacation needed to happen.

… early mornings staring at the beach, my girl curled up with her head under my chin.

sunrise on the beach

… late mornings at the pool, just the two of us in our own little world, playing in the water.

… photo booths.

… amusement park rides and prizes.

… soft serve.

… chocolate chip pancakes.

… that first moment of laying down in my own bed after being away.

… kind ER doctors (yes, there will more about that soon and not to worry, everyone is fine).

… the way the ocean kissed our toes and, sometimes, gave us full-on bear hugs.

… watching my girl settle back into being home like it is the most comfortable place in the world for her. That is a good feeling.

… my husband’s t-shirts. He has a few that I just love to wear, especially in the third trimester.

… cupcake experiments. Even when they are fatally flawed.

making cupcakes

… a week full of memories.


Today is Friday! And if you are a coffee lover and don’t yet know Paloma and her Coffee Shop, then please visit me there for her Friday Coffee Party. I’ve shared a few of my favorite coffee related photos of the summer. Mmm just visiting her place makes me crave another cup.


Happy weekend, all! Hope you have some memory making planned for the days ahead.

girl swinging


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