Weekly Gratitude #35 – getting some rest


Last night, I stretched out on my couch and read a book.

I’d had other plans. More writing. More catching up. Finishing Baby’s birthday invitations. Working more on the blanket I’m knitting for her. The list goes on and on… and I’m sure you know the feeling.

But as soon as I sat down, my body sank. My eyes gazed at the TV. And all I could think of was my recently purchased beach read laying untouched on the living room table.

So, I stretched out and read a book.

And last night, I slept better than I have in weeks.

Sometimes, taking a break and getting some rest is the most important thing not on your to-do list that you can do.


This week, I am thankful for…

… milkshakes shared with family.

… meeting a new friend.

… Kristen from The Preppy Girl in Pink for bringing her beautiful words here this week.

… Kir from The Kir Corner for hosting me at her place this week and giving me the space to talk about one of my proudest moments.

… visiting grandparents.

… more frequent chats with my sister.

… an evening to curl up with a good book.

… lazy Friday mornings.

… the vacation countdown (two more sleeps till beach!)

… Lego. We are a Lego loving family these days.

legos that spell wish

Happy Friday, everyone! Our weekend will be a mix of packing and traveling but will end with our feet in the sand. Hope you have summer fun planned for the days ahead.

p.s. for the curious, my beach read this year is Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected–A Memoir by Kelle Hampton, one of my all-time favorite bloggers. I’m sure you’ve already read it (I’m way late to the party on this one) but, if you haven’t run now and get it. I insist.


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