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Most of my favorite bloggers are my favorites for one reason, because their writing makes me smile. And nobody’s words make me smile so simply and contentedly as Kristen’s from The Preppy Girl in Pink. She writes about life with her two girls in a way that makes me nod all the way through every post thinking, “Yep, that’s exactly how it is and exactly how it should be.” If you don’t yet know Kristen, please read on and then rush over to her place where she captures motherhood so beautifully.

This post here is a perfect reminder to see the world through the eyes of our children and I am so excited to share it with you today.

Oh, and after you’ve read Kristen’s words and visited her, please visit me over at the Kir Corner where I am sharing a proud mommy moment today. Oh how I love blogging friends!


Hi there! I’m Kristen. I have been on my blog, The Preppy Girl in Pink, for almost a year now and have truly found one of my passions in life. I can’t believe how many friends I have made just by simply putting my words out there in the blogosphere. I was so excited when Tricia invited me to her blog. I love to read her posts because I can feel her emotions as I read them. It can be through warmth, honesty, humor or all of those things.

I hope you all can feel the love behind this post I wrote about my girls and how they have changed my life.

I see a pile of laundry that needs to get taken care of.

My daughters see grass stained shorts from rolling down their favorite hill at their school.

I see leaves and mulch brought in from the outdoors on the carpet.

My daughters see bits and pieces of nature that were used to make furniture in their fairy garden

I see dirty dishes from making cupcakes in the sink.

My daughters see vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles.

little girls baking

I see legos, Littlest Pet Shop, Squinkies and My Little Pony scattered throughout the house.

My daughters see buildings, their favorite little animals and little creatures that come to life with their imaginations.

I see glue and glitter stuck to the table.

My daughters see their pictures they imagined in their heads come to life on piece of paper.

I see everything known to man being used to mark pages in books.

My daughters see that anything can be used as a bookmark as long as it doesn’t hurt the pages.

I see stuffed animals covering dressers and desks.

My daughters see their fluffy friends waiting for them to play.

I see a mess of busted water balloons on the patio.

My daughters see an afternoon of fun staying cool on a hot summer’s day.

I am still growing every day as a parent with my daughters. I teach them but they teach me as well. I once strived for perfection with empty laundry hampers, marks from the vacuum cleaner in the carpet, a clear sink, toys in specified containers, a pristine kitchen table, proper bookmarks, dusted dressers and desks and a picture perfect patio. Now I strive to let go of that perfection and remember the fun behind the messes.

Seeing things through my daughters’ eyes has brought me to a much happier place.

What have you seen differently looking through your children’s eyes? How have they helped you grow as a person?


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