I finally turned to the news on Saturday night.

I don’t watch much news.

I know that I should. I always intend to be a well-rounded, knowledgeable, worldly individual.

But life is right in front of me, begging for attention. And the news… well, it’s not.

And when it is? Well, it’s never good.

It’s the kind of news that makes me want to ignore it all the more.

I don’t know what to do with the terror and the terrible. I never did. And I know less now that I have little ones.

Why fixate my gaze on all of the bad and the horrible when there is good and amazing right in front of me?

little girl and daddy watering flowers

Because it puts things in perspective.

Because even in the midst of the terror and the terrible, there is hope.

When I finally turned to the news on Saturday night, I watched an interview with a man who had thrown himself on top of his friends to shield them from the raining bullets.

I listened to a woman who lay in a hospital bed, mourning the tragic loss of a close friend. She admitted that one day, she’d forgive the man who did this.

Amidst the terror and the terrible, there is hope.

There are people doing things I can’t imagine. And I mean that in all of the good ways as well as the bad.

My heart goes out to those whose lives were changed forever on Friday morning. May you also find hope in the midst of the terror and the terrible.


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  1. This is an amazing post. I hope we all can find hope despite the terrible things that have happened.
    JDaniel4’s Mom recently posted..Olympic Values: Week One- RespectMy Profile

  2. You are right in the midst of any tragedy there is so much hope. I read yesteday about the baby born to the woman who was in the movie theater during the shooting. Her husband is still in the ICU, I am hoping that the birth of this baby gives him the stength he needs to pull through.

    Thanks for the wonderful reminder.

  3. Beautiful post…such perspective. I also avoid the news.
    Robbie recently posted..BirthdaysMy Profile

  4. I have been getting so emotional over this. Not just over the losses but of the people who dared to run towards the danger to protect people. It is this kind of story that the news should focus on more often. Maybe it would change things…
    Kristen recently posted..Lemon Creme SlurpeeMy Profile

  5. Such a beautiful post I wrote about the shooting too for PYHO. It’s such a sad thing that we have witnessed something like this in our lifetime. The more stories that are shared about the victims, the more heartbreaking it gets.
    Melissa Nelson recently posted..Pour Your Heart Out- Aurora, Colorado: The True TragedyMy Profile

  6. It’s so scary to think that something so tragic can happen in an instant. So heartbreaking.
    Shell recently posted..Things They Can’t Say: With Just a Bit of MagicMy Profile

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