Rain, puzzles, peace


It rained. Almost all weekend.

And while that may not be as rare as it feels, it feels like it has been months since we have had a couple days of pure, steady rain.

Steady rain can be incredibly refreshing.

Even the mere sight of dark clouds usually sends me rushing to the weather channel to determine how long the deluge will last and when I can return outside.

But this weekend? This weekend was simply delightful.

baby and elmo on the steps

We cooped up and laid low. We played. And played. And even when the sun began to stream through the windows, we didn’t budge.

little girl and baby with puzzle

There is not a puzzle in this house that has not been built at least once in the past two days. And every baby doll, teddy bear, and lovey has received a serious dose of TLC. Warm memories to keep them cozy when the summer sun makes a comeback and beckons us outside.

little girl doing puzzle

When we did venture out of the house this weekend, it was for traditional, rainy day fun in traditional, rainy day places. Like the bookstore. We wanted a new cookbook and while we could have ordered it online or picked one up almost anywhere, nothing creates rainy day comfort like a cup of coffee and a bookstore purchase.

daddy and little girl in the bookstore

(for the curious: we settled on the Dinner: A Love Story book. If you don’t read Jenny’s blog then I can’t recommend enough that you start. Your dinnertime will never be the same in the most amazing way).

Amazing is what this kind of weekend is for the soul. The feeling of just, plain, happiness and contentment turns our home into a lovely, peaceful place of smiles and cooperation and relaxation. Gives me hope that as life gets busier over the next few months, we’ll still be able to find the peace.

daddy and little girl with balloon

Hope you had a refreshing, peace-inducing kind of weekend.


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