Weekly Gratitude #33 – the things we learn


I learned a lot this week.

I learned that nail polish remover succeeds at removing marker from a beloved baby doll’s face.

I learned that when a sticker has been promised, but not a single sticker can be found in the house, a stamp will allow you to keep your word and turn out to be the  best 47 cents you spent all day.

I learned that a very late afternoon trip to Target, an idea that seemed crazy when concocted, can turn out to be the most fun I have with my girl all week.

I learned what an ear-splitting scream really sounds like.

These are the things we learn as parents. And in the midst of these lessons, they seem irrelevant and certainly more frustrating than helpful.

But when I look back, I see how resourceful I’m becoming. How my ability to see a problem and jump to a solution improves with everything this girl tosses at me. And surely, as I learn and improve, I am passing this on to her as well.

And that is worth it.

This week, I am thankful for…

… my girl. Sweet, mature, and wise beyond her years, she never ceases to amaze me.

… family, specifically the ones who pull together in good times and bad.

… nail polish remover and stamps for showing up in my time of need.

… ideas from fellow bloggers to help with the tough parenting moments.

… cookies. Some weeks, it’s the cookies that keep me going.

… markers, paper, scissors, and glue.

baby drawing

… impromptu meet-ups on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk. Because it’s sad when it is so hot outside that you never see your neighbors.

… a weekend, with time to rest and recuperate.

Happy weekend, all. Looks like rain here but I’m ok with that. Coop me up and let’s all relax!



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