Weekly Gratitude #32 – overhwhelmed


This week I had dinner with one of my very closest friends. We met in college and so many of our fondest memories together are set against the background of lectures and textbooks; long afternoons of studying and long nights of dancing the stress away.

Years have passed since those days and so much has changed. But we still think of each other as our college selves. And there is something so wonderful about that. Spending even an hour with the person who knew you best when you were just on the brink of meeting yourself, it’s a reaffirming kind of thing.

purple flowers

But this week, we took a moment to stop and recognize how far we’ve come. And we paused to be overwhelmed by it. Husbands, kids, jobs, travels. Our lives have taken us to places we never dreamed possible in our college’s small study room. We are so blessed. Overwhelmingly so.

Gratitude was easy to come by this week. I could have gone on and on. But I’ve narrowed it down.

This week, I am thankful for…

… afternoons with my girl.

… a smooth bedtime. Since so many are terribly rocky these days, I’m thankful for each one that takes under an hour and involves a minimal number of tears.

… dinner with more talking than eating – the case whenever my friend and I find ourselves in the same country and get together; this week it was the perfect mid-week celebration.

… my husband, who bravely took on bedtime, the single most challenging part of our entire day, alone so that mid-week dinner could happen.

… a break from the heat.

… the return of early evening walks thanks to the break in the heat.

… this feeling of being less stuck; oh what a different a week can make.

… strong heartbeats.

… health.

… the start of something new and exciting and the people embarking on it with me.

… my incredibly blessed life.

little girl running

This weekend is calling for sunny skies, warm, summer temps, and some of our favorite family visiting from out of town. Yeah, it just keeps getting better.

Happy weekend!


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