The nurturer


I rushed down the stairs, my heels clacking loudly on the hardwood floor with each step.


And it doesn’t matter how late I am. At this point, every morning, I’ll tack on a few more minutes.

“Hi love!” as I rush to collect bags and ensure laptop and phone are inside them. “Are you having fun?”


She follows me as I bustle about. I head to the refrigerator to pull out my lunch. But it’s not there.

“Oops! I forgot to make my lunch yesterday!”

“I’ll help you Mommy!”

“Oh thank you but I don’t have time now.”

“Will you eat lunch at work?”

She sounds concerned.

“Yes, I’ll find lunch at work.”

“Do they have sandwiches there?”

I smile at her. “Yes, they do. I’ll get one.”

She nods. “OK Mommy.”

I kneel down and she wraps her arms around my neck, pulling back just slightly to give me a kiss.

Yes, my daughter sends me off to work like this, almost every morning.

Hours later, I’m back home. We’re spinning around the room in a last-minute, impromptu, pre-bedtime dance party. And suddenly, she looks up.

“Did you get lunch today, Mommy?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Did you get a sandwich?”

“I did!”

She smiles and spins, her purple tutu flying about, adding little girl flair to her dance.

But I see beyond the tutu. I see the caring young woman. I see a little girl blossoming into a nurturer.

little girl pushing baby doll at the park

I can’t wait to watch her share her sweet, little heart with the world. I can’t wait to see the good she’ll do and the effect she’ll have in the lives of others.

But right now, I love having this all to myself.


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