Happy 4th


We didn’t wave a flag today.

We didn’t watch a parade.

We didn’t join friends in a backyard for a mid-week party.

We didn’t trek to find a plot of grass in the late afternoon sun or gaze at the sky until the last ray of sunlight dipped below the horizon. We didn’t watch bursts of color re illuminate the night sky.

We didn’t wear red, white, and blue or eat red, white, and blue foods or drink red, white, and blue drinks.

But we did crack open our grill. We did spend as much time as we could bear in our backyard. Baby wore her swimsuit and we all dangled our feet in the pool.

baby in pool

And in a bit, I’ll turn on my TV and watch the fireworks burst over the capital from the air conditioned comfort of my couch.

And sometimes, that’s all you can ask of a mid-week holiday.

Hope you all had a lovely 4th!


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