Drying off in a downpour


This was to be my weekend to dry off. To escape the downpour and stretch out in the sunlight. To take a deep breath and prepare for another week ahead (and whatever downpours of it’s own it may bring).

But last week? Well, it wasn’t going to do down without a fight. As I was settling into my weekend, dreaming of sunshine, the universe had other plans. Plans of crashing thunder and an hour-long, continuous flash of lightening. Torrential rain so powerful that I swore we’d be puddle jumping down the hallway by morning.

And winds so powerful that they took out the power to the entire tri-state area.

So I greeted Saturday morning, wide awake at midnight, with a sweaty three-year-old snuggled up next to me in fear. Her head tucked between my chin and my shoulder, her body curved around her growing baby brother, we tried to sleep through the storm.

Four hours later, wide awake and with ‘no restoration estimates’ from the power company, we packed quick bags in the dark and headed for Grandmom and Poppop’s house, praying that they had escaped the worst of the storm.

baby on a bus

They had.

Grandparents are always up for impromptu visits.

Our original weekend plans had included a trip to the museum, as much family time as I could fit into 2 days, and lots of crossing things off the ‘ol list.

And we didn’t let a little change of location get in our way.

I’d been wanting to take Baby to Philly’s Please Touch Museum and there we were, at my parents’ house with no party to go to or event to celebrate.

I can’t say we’ll be rushing back but a certain little girl was certainly fascinated.

baby feeding baby doll

my girl finds baby dolls and bottles to feed them with wherever she goes

We then caught up with family. My aunt and uncle, hearing we were spontaneously in town, dropped whatever afternoon plans they’d had and joined us for lunch.

And in the evening, we headed out for cheesteaks and water ice, because that’s what you eat when you’re near Philly. It doesn’t get much better than treating your little girl to one of your favorite childhood desserts (and yes, the world does need more Rita’s… like right here in the DC area… hint, hint).

baby with ducks

two ducks, beak-to-beak

Before bedtime on Saturday night, we got word that the power had been restored to our house. So bright and early on Sunday we returned to our house, cooler than we left it and none worse for the wear. We wrapped up our weekend settling back in, replenishing spoiled groceries, and enjoying the final hours of the weekend.

And we’re lucky. There are still tens of thousands without power as I type, sweltering in this heat and surveying the damage. Our thoughts go out to those tonight and pray that life returns to normal soon.

Hope your weekend was full of pleasant surprises.


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