Change is fun



In the opening hours of 2012, the world seemed determined to give a word to the next 366 days. A word to define the year and all that it would become.

I refrained, reluctant to pin it all down to just a dozen letters or less. It seemed insufficient.

Yet, the word to define my year grew naturally. Change defines my 2012.

New house, new baby, new routines. In many ways, our lives in December will be unrecognizable to the people we were when we greeted the year. In the important ways, of course, nothing will have changed at all. We’ll still eat dinner together every night, we’ll still wake up to waffles and early morning cuddles every Saturday and Sunday morning. We’ll still seek out as many ways as possible to create our own memories and traditions as we move from day-to-day.

little girl and daddy planting flowers

But the world in which we create those memories. That is most certainly changing.

When faced with change you can, of course, go with the flow and adapt, or you can stand still and will it away.

Or you can run right in, show that change who’s really in charge, and pull all the levers and turn all the knobs until the change is rolling so fast that not even the largest, strongest, brick wall could end the ride.

This year, I’m running in. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and I’m changing the things that I’ve been just talking about for years. I’m taking stock and not letting myself get stuck in old ways just because they have done ok by me for years.

little girl in the sprinkler

This is not so much a reinvention. It’s more an acknowledgement of all of the things I’ve wanted to do and all of the ways I’ve wanted to be. I’m acknowledging and changing.

And man, is it fun.


Today, one of my favorite weekly routines comes to an end. The lovely Fadra of All Things Fadra has written her final Stream of Consciousness Sunday post. I’ll miss Sunday afternoons of letting the thoughts flow from my brain and my heart straight through my fingertips, without editing or second-guessing. I’ll miss reading the thoughts of others who have done the same. I’ll miss the space and the community. But, Fadra, I wish you all the best and can’t wait to see what more you have in store ๐Ÿ™‚

On this final SOC Sunday, I jumped into Fadra’s prompt: What does it mean to reinvent yourself?


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