Weekly Gratitude #30


When it rains, it pours, they say.

I think it’s that we don’t notice the rain when it’s just a drizzle. We dash between the drops and brush the drips off of our shoulders as we just make our way around. We can ignore the drizzles.

But we can’t ignore the downpours.


This week was a downpour kind of week. Good news and bad news; good moments and bad; good feelings and bad. All came falling from the sky in a mix that was at times refreshing and at times drenching.

No one drop was all that big. Even while standing in the pouring rain, I could judge the size of each drop and know that I could deal with it.

But still, at the end of this week, I feel weighed down by it all. I’m ready to stretch out in the sunlight and let the rays dry me off and lighten this load. And the best way to begin the drying, is to acknowledge the good rain drops and let them soak into our skin.

This week, I am thankful for…

… community and support. Namely The SITS Girls and all of you amazing women who made me feel so special this week. I will reply to each comment. I will reply to each email. I will, I will. And if I haven’t replied to you yet, know that your words touched my heart this week and your support means more to me than you know.

… my husband. Whenever I let the weight of it all overwhelm me this week, he helped me see the simple, beautiful things I was missing.

… Florence and the Machine. Dog Days are Over followed me around this week, popping up on the radio or on my ipod whenever I needed a boost the most. Because you simply can’t be down while listening to this song.

… front-yard picnics.

angelina ballerina, camera, library book

… springtime temps in June never hurt anyone.

… pool time in pajamas.

little girl in the pool

… books that inspire. After reading a book about a boy who makes a scrapbook for his new baby sister (Dear Baby: Letters from Your Big Brother), we decided to make a scrapbook for Bun. We work on it a little everyday. Today she chose to do that over making chocolate chip cookies. That’s love.

… apologies when I need them most.

Hoping that you have the sunniest of weekends.



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