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One of the most truly wonderful things about blogging is the community. Several times each week, I send my thoughts and fears, triumphs and favorite captured moments out into the world. And I meet some truly amazing people through comments and responses. The community has made my blogging journey an incredibly fulfilling experience.

And nowhere is that community better than at the SITS Girls. I am so honored today, to be the featured blogger and welcome you all to my little space here.

Raising Humans was born shortly after my daughter turned one; not long after I witnessed her first tantrum. There was screaming and flailing limbs, and by the end we both sat in a puddle of tears on the floor. I felt the door slam shut on the sweet days of babyhood as I stared at my full-fledged toddler. The days of simple, basic needs were over. It was time to get to the business of raising this small human.

walking with baby

Over the next few months, there were, of course, many more tantrums. And, as awful as those moments were, there were also moments that were so much sweeter than anything I had ever imagined. Through it all, she kept growing. And so did I. I grew as a parent and as a wife. As a daughter, as a friend, and as a writer. I grew as a person. Through raising my daughter, I grew. And I imagine that will continue for as long as she (and soon, her little brother) call me Mama.

This space here is where I document the frustrating, tantrum-fueled moments; the sweet, tender moments; and all of the memories in between through which we grow as people and as a family.

feet in the sand

Thank you so much for being here. If we are not already friends through this amazing blogging community, I hope to get to know you!

In the next few weeks, I’ll be starting a new series to feature all of the amazing writers I’ve met and their own stories of raising their own humans. If you’d like to join in and be featured here, please email me at tricia at raising-humans dot com.

Otherwise, take a look around and if you’d like to stay in touch, please do! All of the ways we can connect are linked at the top right and also right down there on the left side of the footer.

Thanks for stopping by!


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