The things we do


I got up early this morning. A full hour before my girl, in fact. I wanted to write, to get a head start on the day. So I woke and headed downstairs to the couch.

But we’ve got a new routine for these weekend days. Following her realization that she can get out of her ‘big girl bed’ without any assistance from us, she now wakes up and engages this conversation.



“I’m ready to wake up now! Can I come in there?”

“Of course. Come on in here!”

Because usually, I am still in bed, just barely waking up myself. And so I hear her little feet pad across the floor. I hear her struggle with the doorknob. Then I see her, bleary-eyes and disheveled hair, appear in my doorway. She runs and hops into our bed where we talk about how she slept and what dreams she had before making our way downstairs for breakfast.

This morning, I did not want to disrupt the routine. So she called Mommy and upstairs I ran. My feet ached as they came in contact with the hard wood floor and my muscles screamed that it was too early for this sort of quick moving. I assured them that this would be worth it. And I quickly tip-toed up the steps, calling to her as I went.

“Yes, Baby?”

“I’m ready to wake up now! Can I come in there?”

“Of course. Come on in here!” I said as I entered my room, knowing I had less than a minute to climb into bed and make it look like I was also just waking up. By the time she appeared, I was safely under cover.

She climbed in next to me, her face soft in the early morning light, yesterday’s braids now falling about her face in wavy lines. I brushed strands from her face and tucked them behind her ears as we chatted our early morning chatter. And then we rose for the day, in search of breakfast.

Sometimes, you can have your cake and eat it too.



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