Filling up


For a few weeks, I kept telling people that our weekends were free until mid-July.

Come on over for dinner! Overnight guests? Come on down! We’re moved and mostly unpacked and ready to hang out!

The thing is, if you say that enough, it stops being true. And so, we’re filling up. Between now and mid-July, we’ve got 2 precious free weekends. And you know what? I’ll bet we fill those up too before the week is out. We’re going to see friends and host family and there are few things I love more. Fill it up.

But this weekend, we enjoyed just being on our own. And that fills me up too.

little girl at the park

I can’t even remember all that we did, but I know that we did it all together.

And I know that, this weekend, we gave Baby her first haircut.

Every time I think we’ve reached it–that final milestone of babyhood, the potty training, the big girl bed, the final step that will make me realize that my little girl is not a baby anymore and is growing up much faster than I want to acknowledge… it happens again.

And so I put off this haircut for as long as I could. I would have kept putting it off, too. I would have let her greet age 3 with hair never touched by a pair of scissors. But a recent aversion to combs and hair bows made me face the inevitable. So Sunday morning, I worked up the nerve and got to work.

I will not be quitting my day job but I don’t think we did too bad.

With freshly cut hair, we headed for the backyard and the sprinkler that M found, left by the previous owners under some shrubs.

little girl in the sprinkler

She ran, she shrieked, she belly-laughed. She mostly tried to avoid the reach of the water. M mostly tried to soak her. In a way, they both succeeded. I love when everyone wins.

And now, it’s Monday morning again. My feet ache, my mind is still in the backyard and I am struggling to pull it into my overflowing inbox, and I am already longing for the next weekend. The transition to Monday always takes longer when the weekend was full.

Here’s to tough Monday transitions.

little girl in the sprinkler

How is your Monday transition going?



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