Weekly Gratitude #28

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Finally. We are back to normal.

We had a normal week. Nobody traveled. We ate home-cooked meals every night. We read books in the morning. We walked to the park.

We fell back into our old, comfortable routines (with just a few twists).

Sometimes routine can feel monotonous. Like one of those racecar video games where the same scenery graphics pass by every minute.

But this week, routine felt like a path well worn because it is well loved.

Normal is good.

And so, this week I am thankful for…

… fewer boxes. Every box we unpack is one big step towards making this our home.

… kind-hearted landscapers who gifted us a piece of our old house.

… lunch with co-workers. I somehow keep forgetting how nice it is to get out and chat over a meal.

… normal routines. It’s amazing how just a few days predictability and calm improves all of our moods.

… new routines. Sometimes they can be better than old ones.

… lemonade stands.

… flowers.

… healthy, happy children.

… tutus.little girl and daddy walking on the wall

Happy weekend! We’ll be hanging out and enjoying the summer weather this weekend. What are your plans for the next two days?


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