The cure (a weekend recap)


Yes, last week was a race of a rush. When I finally made it to (more like collapsed at) the finish line on Friday night, I didn’t last long. 24 year old me would be so disappointed that I was in bed by 9pm on a Friday night. But 31 year old me, she gets it.

little girl on the slide

And it was well worth it. Because Saturday? Saturday morning I woke up feeling good and ready to make this the kind of weekend we needed.

Lately it feels like we crave every weekend several days before it arrives. All I can think about as the week winds down is how badly we need some time to just sit and be together. To relax, to make our own plans, to enjoy these days as a family of three before we add one more. While we can’t wait for our family to grow, I will miss these days. I will truly miss these times.

And so the weekends? I need them to pause and take in these moments.

little girl in the sandbox

A village of 'sand castles'

This weekend was no different.

A Saturday morning birthday party was our only commitment. After that, it was all up to us. Saturday afternoon, Baby and I took a leisurely trip to the park. We spent a good 20 minutes in the sandbox, filing buckets with sand and turning them upside down to create a small village. She is still talking about how full the buckets were and how big the castles became.

Sunday morning  we took a stroll along our community Farmer’s market. Yes, our new neighborhood sets up a Farmer’s market every Sunday morning in the summer. Yes, we really love our new home. And we really, really love pumpkin muffins.

There was pre-lunch cupcake making, an afternoon of planting wildflowers, and meeting new neighbors on our evening walk.

little girl signing a birthday card

signing a birthday card... and taking it very seriously

Baby has been a bit of a roller coaster lately. Up one second, down the next, and the journey can make me nauseous. I keep saying that I don’t know if she is reacting to the upheaval, stress, and big changes… or if she is just two-and-a-half.

It’s probably both.

Thankfully, the cure for both is the same. Calm, quiet afternoons spent with family just playing and not running from one errand to the next.

Oddly enough, that is the cure I needed tolittle girl and daddy planting flowers

I feel tired this morning and my feet kinda ache but in all the good-weekend ways.

Happy Monday all. What kind of weekend did you have?


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