Weekly Gratitude #27


Each week, as I sit down to write this post, I think back on the week. Specific themes usually pop out, or big events, or just an overall feeling that characterizes the days that have passed.

This week, the first word that came to mind is ‘rush.’

It’s been a rushed kind of week.

Weeks with holidays will be that way. Weeks with work travel will be that way. This week had a bit of both. And it did feel doubly rushed.

Some weeks will be rushed. It happens. Too much calm would be too dull anyway.

But I’m ready for some calm. I’m ready for some back-to-normal days and weeks to settle in and really enjoy this summer.

So I’m thankful that this week is over. This week was our last big rush hurdle. Next week, let the summer relaxing begin.

This week, I am also thankful for…

… a healthy baby. The doctor at our 20-week ultrasound said everything looked perfect. We are so blessed.

… early morning train rides. I kinda love the quiet of the rails and watching the sunrise over the river throughout the journey.

… inflatable pools. They made our weekend and will play a starring role throughout our summer, I’m sure.

… apple flavored soda. Friends brought it over for brunch this weekend and it is my new refreshment.

… So You Think You Can Dance. Dancing makes me happy. I watch that show and live vicariously through the gorgeous dancers and their amazing talent.

… pinwheels. Want to hear your little one squeal in delight? Buy a pinwheel and roll down all the windows in the car on the way home.

… family and friends. ‘Nuff said.

Have a lovely weekend, peeps. Go out and embrace the summer.

little girl in pool


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