It is (unofficially) upon us.

flip flops on grass

We moved into this new place just in time.

I live for spring. But there is something about summer that I just want to soak up. Even now, years beyond days of school’s out for summer, the season just feels more relaxed to me. Lazing by the pool. Planning trips to the beach. Family walks after dinner to slowly wind down the day.

And, yes it’s wacky, but I just love the smell of sunscreen.

Now that we’re here, I’m determined to ignore the boxes tucked into unused rooms throughout the house and just live up the summer. I’m determined to spend as much time outside as possible.

Each time we left the house this weekend, Baby exclaimed, “It’s hot outside, we don’t need to wear a coat!” I share her joy about that.

little girl and mommy on the swing

So this weekend, we over-indulged in summer.

little girl eating ice cream

first (delightfuly messy) ice cream cone

We opted to avoid the crowds at the community pool and barefooted it out to the backyard instead. A blow-up pool, a bucket and some toys, and little girl was happy for hours.

little girl in pool

So happy that we invested $10 in an upgrade halfway through the weekend.

aerial shot of little girl in the pool

“I have so much space in here!” she kept saying. Enough space that she had to ‘swim’ to reach the toys that floated away.

Summer. It’s off to a good start here.

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