Well hello, new home


I feel like I am waiting at the top of a roller coaster.

That was M, one week ago tonight. As we sat in our almost-fully packed house, nestled between boxes and bags and partially disassembled furniture, the anticipation was tough to ignore.

And the past week has felt like a roller coaster. One of those ones where they make you stand up the entire time and then they turn you sideways and upside down and move you so fast that your brain can’t quite keep up with what your body is experiencing.

pizza picnic

Pizza picnic on the floor says we're in the middle of the moving marathon.

Yeah. That’s exactly what it felt like.

But, as they say, it all worked out. We signed all of the papers, we finished the packing, we painted, we moved. We had a few meltdowns here and there. We all hit our head on the dining room chandelier before the table moved in. We made several trips between the two houses for forgotten items (like the time I packed up all of M’s clothes and sent them to the new house before we were actually moved in).

But we’re here now. Still living amongst boxes but settling in and getting to know this new home.

We’re living our lives to a soundtrack of clicks and exclamations of “What does this switch control?”

We’re constantly asking, “Did you hear that?” because the dishwasher/oven/drier/air conditioner all sound very different here.

We’re constantly wondering, “Where did we pack the vases/stamps/cord for this electronic thing-a-ma-jig that I need right now?”

little girl unpacking

We’re making the same dinner twice in one night because this oven cooks things differently than the oven at our old house. And by differently, I mean we barely introduce our garlic bread to the oven and suddenly it’s burnt. (On the plus side, cooking will be wicked efficient once we adjust our cook-time expectations).

We’re finding our new favorite spots.

little girl drawing

Yes, it’s definitely coming together.

It still doesn’t quite feel like home. I still tear up a bit when we drive by our old house.

But this weekend, we’ll make some waffles, curl our hands around warm mugs of coffee, welcome some old friends into our new space, and begin making the memories that will, one day, make us sad to leave this place.



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