Weekly Gratitude #24


I don’t particularly like being in need. I haven’t wanted to be a damsel in distress since I was 7 and thought that being saved would be oh so glamorous.

But this week, I found myself in need of quite a bit of help. I needed support and understanding. I needed inspiration and assurances.

Friends, family, this wonderful community of bloggers, all delivered.

This week, I am so thankful for…

… my husband. Always by my side. Always looking out for me. Always taking care of me (as, I hope, I do the same for him).

… mamas who have gone before me and take time out of their days to reassure and comfort me when I’m feeling particularly down.

… a sunny Thursday after days of clouds and rain.

… Baby’s first words on said sunny Thursday: “Mommmmyyy!!!! It’s sunny outside!!!

… our nanny. She focuses so much on our girl’s development and just as much on her imagination. The beautiful stories Baby weaves are charming and lovely.

… doctors who are cautious. Though I don’t think this pain I’m feeling warrants bed rest right now, I know my doctor is looking out for me and our little one. And that is good.

… chocolate chip cookies.

Happy weekend, all. It’s going to be a beautiful one here in the east and I can’t wait to soak up the sun.

little girl on monkey bars

Note: I’ve paused the weekly gratitude link up for now… another story for another day. Please share your gratitude in the comments if you’d like!


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