Weekly Gratitude #23


I have a secret that I’ve been keeping.

A secret I’ve been grateful for… for about four months.

And today, I am grateful to no longer keep this secret. To share this with the world.

I am so grateful to share that, in October, M, Baby, and I will welcome a new little human into our lives.

I am so grateful…

… to be blessed again.

… to bring a new little person into this world and surround him or her with the best father and big sister that anyone could possible ask for.

… to (finally) be feeling better and ready to enjoy pregnancy.

… for maternity jeans.

… to share this news with family and friends.

… to listen to Baby talk about all of the things she will do with her new little baby sister or brother.

Yes, this week, I have a lot to be grateful for.

little girl looking at daddy


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